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  3. RT @KRUZAA_: This is the most frustrating gif I've ever seen in my life https://t.co/eTzcg4LJfq

  4. Check out this rad giveaway I just entered – over $3700 in camera gear! https://t.co/JamJBTshu5

  5. #weekendpizza #pizza #food #foodporn https://t.co/iAC7S9MnR6

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  7. Trying out @theTunnelBear so I can browse privately from my ISP. https://t.co/DZQqaLMUaN https://t.co/QCwDnbBi5t

  8. Salutare forum! Pentru cei ce nu ma stiu, sunt Stefan, membru mai vechi al acestui forum ( chiar daca contul nu o demonstreaza) si imi place sa fac video-review-uri pe youtube. Nu sunt expert, dar o fac din pasiune. Am facut in trecut ceva videoclip despre cateva produse apple si as dori sa va intreb daca mai doriti astfel de review-uri video sau nu. Video-urile cu pricina pot fi gasite aici, la sectiunea cafenea. Nu imi voi pune link-ul canalului aici pentru a nu se considera reclama. Link-ul va fi atatsat ,daca se doreste, intr-un edit viitor, desigur, cu acordul unui administrator/ moderator. De ce scriu post-ul asta? As vrea sa va cer parerea. Vreti sa fac astfel de review-uri si sa le postez aici? Suntem in 2018, cred ca lumea aprciaza mai mult continutul video fata de cel text. Dar, daca se doreste, pot face si un rezumat text pentru fiecare video daca le voi putea atasa aici. Am facut mai sus un poll unde, v-as ruga sa votati cu "DA" daca doriti astfel de topic-uri insotite de review-uri video facute de mine sau cu "NU" in caz contrat. Va multumesc mult de timpul acordat si va urez o seara/ zi frumoasa in continuare! Toata stima!
  9. I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/q2Qeaqk8Py Lauv - I Like Me Better

  10. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 & Pisen Hand Warmer/Power Bank international giveaway! https://t.co/NJtCGhSRwJ

  11. La multi ani frumosi! 😘❤️

  12. #pizza #weekendpizza #food #foodporn #italianfood https://t.co/hzVc3AjkOp

  13. RT @itmorar: Genială asta a lui Mardale! https://t.co/4djCaPD1jU

  14. 📱 Win an iPhone X!!!! 📱 https://t.co/NK6ESXCAaO

  15. #mycreations #painting #art https://t.co/2q1QXwJlkh

  16. @yungIIama 21 tho

  17. LG V30 international giveaway @androidauth #giveaway https://t.co/4zL6wKu1DM

  18. #TheFourComeBack I want #Zhavia to return to @TheFourOnFOX, Thursdays at 8/7c! https://t.co/RLDDUt6KQZ

  19. :) https://t.co/cO5xw8hGu7

  20. https://t.co/KyLZCYpk5t

  21. RT @CES: Virtual and augmented reality are changing the game! Everything from storytelling to health care, manufacturing, agriculture, gami…

  22. JANUARY 2018 MONTHLY GIVEAWAY PACK https://t.co/Gg7pAfZ3Z7

  23. RT @bbcsport_david: BREAKING: Arsenal close to reaching agreement to sign to striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang from Borussia Dortmund for…

  24. RT @FalleNCS: It get to a point in your career that winning is not only what matters. I truly appreciate all the love my fans deliver to me…

  25. Hi there! 😊💯

  26. #pasta #penne with #mushrooms and #pesto #foodporn #food #italianfood https://t.co/vBPj8QKtlv

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